Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Passionate...To have Strong Feeling

I like many things
I love some
 I am passionate about only a few.

 The South

My roots are firmly planted in the South.

I am a southern women
is passionately in love  with

 warm, sultry weather

collard greens. fried okra,  grits, shrimp Po-boys
sweet iced tea

 wearing  bright colors like reds, blues, hot pink
and lime green all year long
always made of cotton or linen
it is really, really hot in the south

the sound of southern accents
with their long drawls
second syllables is my language,
 music of my heart.

my grandmother Georgia and her family at their home on Old Gulf Island

Galveston Island

My grandparents had a summer home on Jamaica  Beach
for as long as I can remember.

All of my very best summer memories are
wrapped around it.

Galveston is a narrow island with the bay on one side
the beach on the other.

It is also a magical place for me.

I am drawn to it when I am happy and even when I am sad.

it is a place of colorful houses very close together looking happy

it is where I walk on the beach, run in the waves, collect seashells

or sometimes just breathe easy and take everything in.

Galveston has a rhythm to it
I heard it long ago
on the quiet streets of the inner city
away from the crowds.


 air is salty and filled with the sweetness of jasmin and honeysuckle

colored lights and paper lanterns glow from the trees

jazz is played on the street corners

there are hidden old parks with beautiful gazebos

churches with breathtaking stained glass windows

tiny cafes


a restaurant that seems almost lost in time.
Oh! Be still my heart.

The island has always been a part of my life
the sound of the sea like a heartbeat.


I am happiest in my garden
at sunrise, in the hot midday, the cool of the evening and at sunset.

 Have your ever planted a moonvine
from seed and watched it bloom in the moonlight
experienced the thrill of a tiny seed you planted grow to be six feet tall
 filled with red tomatoes?

In my garden my soul is sunshine.

I am a women who speaks with a slow and soft southern drawl

who loves warm weather

 eats local food from our farmers' markets
and the garden

whose heart hears the sound of the sea


is passionate about the miracle of

 just being Dottie.

I am linking to A Southern Daydreamer Outdoor Wednesday.
Thursday's Simple Pleasures.


  1. Dottie you are so beautiful.
    It is easy to see how happy you are and how filled with gratitude you are.
    Its the simple things in life that bring us such joy...
    Loved hearing about your passions!

    Deborah xoxo

  2. Oh Dottie....I love reading about what you love....it makes me happy.
    I love the houses. Oh how I would like to go inside. They are so pretty and well maintained. They just beam with history..... they look so welcoming, friendly and peaceful.

  3. Hello Dotty!
    I am so thankful that you are you!
    I am really back this time...fighting a very poor internet signal, but I am back...

  4. Oh sweet Dottie, thank you for posting about my love also...sweet Galveston, I know what you mean about her!! We grew up summers on Crystal Beach(where the beach house was), road the ferry into Galveston. My Great Aunt lived in Galveston off Broadway Ave in an old Victorian Home, we would go by and have tea with her from time to time in the summer while staying on the beach. I loved her home, the sea breeze and the lifestyle she had. She reminded me of Karen from Out of Africa! Great Aunt Vera.
    you mentioned your thoughts about your moment on my last post...I know your prayers are the right ones, keep holding on to Jesus! I sometimes say I've tied myself tightly to Him because I can not make it a "moment" without knowing He is holding me, and he is, you and me both.
    I love you dear friend.

  5. Oh dear Dottie.....thanks for sharing such wonderful memories with us today. I, too, love everything you love.....well....maybe NOT fried okra!!! LOL LOL This was a beautiful post.



  6. Oh Ms. Dottie, Thanks so much for coming by my Blog, My Old Historic House. I am so glad we found each other in Bloggerville. I am your newest follower. Love to garden as well. I have pulling weeds on the list of 2 do tonight. Thanks, Richard

  7. what a lovely post about yourself Dottie. I hope that you are enjoying this gorgeous summer.

  8. What a lovely post. I have not been to Galveston but it certainly looks like a place I would love to visit!

  9. Oh, Dottie. That was a wonderful post. You drew pictures with your words. Great job. Susan

  10. Dottie, you ARE a miracle!
    You make your passsion sound so fantastic, it's hard not to feel drawn to loving the same things as you!
    This is very lovely.
    Enjoy it all, dear friend.

  11. Beautiful garden...lovely homes...Yes, I can see why you love it :)

    But it is also so good to be passionate about your roots, where you come from.

    Thank you for sharing Dottie.


  12. What a great post. I love some of the phrases you said....like in my garden my soul is sunshine...beautiful

  13. I've missed your magical posts, Dottie. And who knows? Maybe we'll meet up in Galveston one of these days. We are frequent visitors, although not as frequent this year as previous years.

    Do email me details about Clary's. We love finding new places to eat.

    Your gardens are beautiful. Thanks for linking up today.

  14. Your words delight me! I wasn't as fortunate as you to have "roota" in the South, but still consider it my heart's home - always looking for the next opportunity to visit Alabama. Tho' I'm kidded about saying "Ya'all" (I don't realize half the time I do it) -- I've finally reached the "don't care" stage ... figuring they're just jealous! :)
    Have yourself a wonderful 4th!

  15. I'm so happy to saw this post! Lovely! We have many things in common dear Dottie. I am also a devoted southern lady, but just not as far south as you. Tennessee and the Carolinas have always been my home, but I enjoy AND appreciate all things southern:) I have never been to Galveston, but from your beautiful pictures, I think I must look into taking a trip there sometime! Blessings sweet friend~~Shine