Thursday, December 30, 2010

When My World Seems....

When my world seems like it is
upside down .
I always go to the Salvation Army thrift shop .

Just saying the word thrift out loud
seems to make my footsteps lighter .

Oh! The things you can see
old and vintage
new and shiny
odd and interesting .

I am delighted everywhere I look .

I find vintage hats and lace dresses for sweet Addie the scare-girl in my garden to wear, old tin tubs to plant radishes and lettuce in, crystal wine glasses ( I have to replace mine often as I break them often)
 shelves of books, old vinyl record albums and small electrical appliances that my son and I  are fascinated with .

The price is right ,there is no stress and you can stay as long as you like .
The possibilities are endlessly .

Oh! Be still my heart!

Look at the treasure I found last Monday in an unopened box for $8.44 on half price day that someone did not want .

I have had this on my wish list it seems like forever .

As I make my way home after a few hours there
in my world becomes right side up
again  .

What simple pleasure do you enjoy ?


I am joining Cindy's Show and Tell Friday .


  1. Oh Dottie what treasures you have that ice-cream I see?
    Curling up with a good book and a hot cup of hot chocolate sounds like a great simple pleasure to me... :)
    Blessings sweet friend!

    Deborah xoxo

  2. I've had that one on my list for 3 years.....I hear they are wonderful....I'll keep looking for the right one!

    After lunch I curled up in my chair to read for awhile and .......I fell asleep! I never fall asleep during the was much needed. I woke up warm and relaxed!

  3. Hey Dottie girl, So glad you found me in my "new" digs. And I'm double glad you liked it. I adore the Sally Thrift Store too, but we only have one and it is very tiny and I never find much of anything other than books, but limit myself to books now that I have the Kindle. Let's see, one of my simple little pleasures would be spending Fridays with my oldest daughter and we usually go to church and the cemetery or out to eat and to the movies. And spending every Monday with my youngest daughter and we always have lunch and Bible Study. Huge Hugs to you, Mollye

  4. Hi,

    I simply have to start going to thrift shops...everyone including you, finds such wonderful things! I love the way Miss Addie is dressed, if you don't mind I just might copy you, the scare-fellow I have in my garden could use a major redo.(-: My biggest simple pleasure is going to the library and coming home with books to read and listen to. Happy New Year!

  5. Addie is looking so fine today :)
    I am in one of my downsizing moods
    to haven't been
    made out good, girlfriend :)
    Simple pleasures this week -
    two mornings having breakfast with
    friends...and SUSHI today with another
    gal pal :) winding down one year,
    looking forward to the next :)
    Happy New Year Hugs

  6. Oh I LOVE the thrift shop! My heart also swoons when I think of all the treasures to be found:) So much fun to stop by your blog and be inspired....Have a lovely evening~~Shine

  7. Now you have to come by and search my 'scoops'... there are a gazoodle of recipes for some great ice cream!
    I've got my peas and greens on~ looking forward to a little luck and a few greenbacks in the new year!