Sunday, December 12, 2010

Eggplants,Turnips And Angels

Oh my! More eggplants .
Many, many more of them
it is late December !
I really like eggplant but LOL !
My friends pretend they don't hear me when I ask them if they would like to take some more home with them !
I have made all the usual recipes using eggplants
I have not made the Barefoot Contessa's roasted eggplant spread .
I am going to make it as one of our appetizers on Christmas Eve .

Petra also likes to pull up the turnips !
The only way I know to cook turnips is with the greens
since I was making vegetable soup I cut it up and put it in the soup .

Please if you have a good eggplant or turnip recipe would you share it with me !

There has been the sweet sound of Christmas carols in my home for about a month .
Dax and Petra have been practicing for their Christmas Musical at the church .
I wanted to take a picture of them singing in the musical
I couldn't because there were so many people that came to see their little ones sing ,too .

So I took a picture of them in front of the church's tree the night of the musical .

Oh be still my heart !

Merry Christmas,

I am linking to Thursday's Simple Pleasures .


  1. Oh, Dottie!! Those are the sweetest angels you have helping with your garden and singing in their angelic voices!! We are so very blessed! I have a wonderful recipe for eggplant I will look up later (if my pea-brain doesn't forget two seconds after I write this. LOL). I also enjoy the turnips roasted along with sweet potatoes, beets and red onion (just cube them, sprinkle with olive oil and your favorite spices, roast until tender). Merry Christmas back to you!

  2. Yum...eggplant and turnips...two of my favs but something I don't buy very often...I just love fried eggplant...actually doesn't taste much like anything but so good!! be the batter! Isn't it fun to go to little one's Christmas programs...always brings a tear to my eyes..

  3. Oh those two beautiful angels standing in front of the tree!!!
    Last week I cut up a turnip, sweet potato, red onion, and white potato and drizzled with olive oil, salt pepper and roasted. Yummy :)

  4. There's so much you can do with eggplants! I like chopping them fine and baking with a little onion and cheese sauce--sort of like broccoli or cauliflower and cheese.

  5. I don't usually cook with them, so no big help here. But I do love those precious little angels!!

  6. Precious, precious helpers!!
    I once knew an elderly gentleman who told me to shred the raw turnips and use them instead of cabbage to make slaw....I tried it and amazingly it was very, very good.
    Eggplants, I don't have a clue/ha

  7. I love eggplants! Pickled or baked. The children look so cute in front of the tree-what lovely memories to have! Enjoy your music Dottie and have a wonderfully blessed Christmas :-) joy in Christ..Trish

  8. OMG, Dottie. Your children are darling...sooooo adorable. They must fill your heart with love.

    Mmmmm, your veggie soup looked good, too. Susan

  9. They are such lovely homely photos.
    We often grate raw turnips and have them with salad. have a wonderful Christmas.

  10. your kids are adorable. Love the pic of Petra with the eggplant. Where we are it's so eggplant could grow right now....☺

  11. Those are the simple pleasures in life!
    I don't have many eggplant recipes... I'll be watching.

  12. Your kids are so cute and I bet they are great helpers too
    Wishing you and your a Blessed CHRISTmas

  13. Dottie, this is a wonderful simple pleasure post. I love eggplant ... and those children just warmed my heart. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  14. Hi Dottie!
    Its so green where you are! :)
    What little darlins' you have...such joy!
    I have never tried eggplant...Ill have to give it a try.
    Have a fun week sweetie and a very merry Christmas!!!

    Deborah xoxo