Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

Hurricane Alex came ashore much lower on the Texas coast than where we live.
We were close enough to have strong winds and heavy rainfall.
After a very long day it is still raining, but softly!!!!
Now that I know we will be safe I am making the best of the rainy, rainy weather.

Looking back !

A vintage window hanging on the patio.

Looking out of the bedroom window.

Reading in bed.

Having tea in my favorite cup from the ship Queen Mary.

The house twinkles and glows when it rains.

Thinking of a million new ways to redecorate the bedroom.

I am an outside kind of girl.

I will not see twilight tonight through the stained glass window on my patio!

The weather man said it will most likely rain until Saturday morning.
I hope not!!

I am very rested! I so need the sun to shine!

I love this quote.
"In the garden my soul is sunshine"



  1. I can so relate to your need to be outside... my soul is just happier there... guess it is like the quote, sunshine! Glad you are safe, hope you have sunshine soon.

  2. Dottie, we hoping to get a little of that rain but not to be...rain is such an event for us but like you after a day or so this Az gal is looking for the sun...don't think I could live somewhere where it rained all the time...your house looks so pretty inside...makes me want to "cozy" mine up...

  3. Dottie~ this is another Friday's fav.
    I hope the sun pops out for a fantabulous 4th!

  4. Lovely post...I enjoyed the pictures.
    At least this rain is keeping us blogging a little more.
    Have a great 4th.

  5. Hopefully it will stop on Saturday. I bet the sunshine will be back for the 4th. It's been cloudy for days here too but it was welcomed with open arms. It sure has cooled things off. Have a great weekend!

  6. Hi Dottie, We have clouds, but no rain. I too love a rainy day once in awhile, so you can put the shovel and trowel down, ignore the possibilities of indoor work, and treat yourself to a cup of tea and a good book.
    I like your outdoor hanging window with the water droplets.

  7. What a beautiful blog. I just found you.

    Your post was so lovely and calming. Please pass the rain on to us!!