Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Staying Cool and Content

It is only June and it has been so warm.I have been trying to find ways to keep cool and to be content with summer.

The pool is a cool place. I can float,splash.or just sit in it to cool off and look at my garden and the chickens at the same time!!!

On the coast when night falls and the moon rises low in the western sky with the planet Venus hanging just below it
a soft breeze begins to stir in the night sky.
I forget how very warm the day was and I listen to the night sounds
and again have summer love!!!!

A sweet friend and I went to a summer concert
and listened to

The Moody Blues

The lovely gentle music of our youth.

soft glow

The light of strings of tiny white lights and the fluttering glow of many candles fill the rooms of my home at dusk and through the night
along with the soft swishing of the fans
a southern must have.

It is a warm summer
but I am content to be in this moment and with my life.



  1. Dottie!
    We have alot in common..you made me smile!
    I love the song "Nights in white satin"!!!
    I used to roller-skate to that in my teens...I still love it!
    And now even my daughter loves it...
    I loved this post..
    Love the candles...

    Contentment...such peace! :)

    Good night, my friend

    Deborah xo

  2. Dottie, You have made a hot Texas day sound like a soothing, comforting place to be. Sometimes, it's just good "to be".

    I bet the concert was great~~thanks for sharing~~Lisha

  3. This was a great post Dottie. It sounds like you have made the best of what could normally have been a hot and uncomfortable summer night.

    I know that song well too-great choice. Thanks for sharing it!

    Best wishes for a fabulous week,

  4. Peaceful, pretty post. To be content is to be happy.

    Have a great day.

  5. Having a pool is cool during the heat of summer and your night sky is quite inviting, but not the heat and humidity for me please. I am very jealous of your Moody Blues experience!
    Come for a North Rim canyon visit to cool off.

  6. Content~ Is there any more we can ask in this life?
    I love feeling content :-)

  7. Dottie, you just made me have the biggest smile as I read your last sentence. There is nothing like being content in this moment... in your life. Beautiful post. =)
    PS I love the Moody Blues... a step back in time!

  8. Oh Miz Dottie, I so agree with you. Yep it's probably be a summer that will go down in books, but regardless there is always a way to get cooled off and be thankful it's not cold. Unless like my hubby who has to work in this dang heat, I feel so sorry for him and all who do.

  9. Even the pool water is getting too warm!!! I like it coooooool!

  10. Lovely post and music.
    Just returned from Ohio where they were complaining about the heat. Comparatively,it felt most pleasant to me. But back here in Georgia I am sitting in the a/c and under the fans. When I venture outdoors I have a glass of iced tea with me, and I think that I will start counting how many times I stop at a drive thru for something cold to drink.
    At least I am well hydrated!

  11. Thanks for joining the linky party. I'll grab my sunscreen!