Monday, June 7, 2010

The Easter Chicks Update

For Easter I brought two chicks for my grandchildren to enjoy.

This what they are looking at and they are so cute!!

Easter was April 4th and the chicks grew and grew. They were in a
large box in my laundry room. The children also grew to love them more and more and so did  I!
In almost no time the chicks out grew the box and could jump out of  it .
So they had to have a coop and I don't live in the country!!!!!!

The chicks had turned into small chickens. So my friend started building them a coop to live in.

Dax and Petra feeding the chickens.

I let them out of their coop yesterday to play in the garden for the first time!!!

We named them Rose and  Rouge.

I did not know chickens have blue eyes.
There's more I don't know about these chickens. I don't know if they are hens!!!!
we will not talk about how I got them back in their coop
let's just say it was not easy!

I think I have chicken ♥.

O Lord please let them be hens.


  1. Dottie, Dottie, please do not end the story there. I bet I am not the only one to be curious in how you did get the chickens back in their coop! I hope the chickens do not manage to clear your fence.

  2. Ha oh you're so funny. It won't be long before you have the scoop on who is what! And by the way, before you know it, they will automatically go into their coop in the evening before dark to roose. Just leave the door open for them. They are truly creatures of habit. Very predictable.

  3. I think they are hens... their combs are small. At least we will hope they are! LOL! Look forward to hearing more about these two!

  4. So sweet and love the names. Clarice

  5. I never knew chickens had blue eyes either! They are so cute and your grandchildren are precious. I love to see children and animals together. Innocence at it's best, don't you think? I will surely come back to hear about these chicks and their frolics. Thank you for visiting and leaving such nice comment. Have a beautiful weekend xo