Friday, May 28, 2010

Hello Summer !!!!

My daughter-in-law is a teacher. This school year these little helpers have been at my house everyday.

Dax and Petra

And their new baby sister.


It has been the best year and we have had so much fun .
Today is their Mommy's last day of school for the year. So if anyone is looking for me this weekend.

I will be here!


I am wishing you a long and restful weekend.



  1. Dottie...what beautiful grandchildren!!!
    They look so happy!!
    I love visiting you here in this very blessed place... :)

    Have a restful, memorable weekend my friend..

    Deborah \0/

  2. How lucky your daughter-in-law is to have you! I did this for my niece and nephew and like you enjoyed every minute (almost)...They are now 28 and 27 years old and the light of my life! does take a village..

  3. Your grandchildren look happy and occupied.
    You get an "A" yourself.

    Now sit back, stretch out. You have earned the rest.

  4. must be tired from having the time of your life!!!!
    Precious babies!!!

  5. What a lovely blog! I am so glad you stopped by I can follow yours! So many kindred spirits in blogland! Blessings...Shine

  6. Yes, I completely understand about needing some rest! What beautiful grandchildren. You have a wonderful blog. I also love the movies you have on your sidebar. Out of Africa is awesome! Tricia Foley has a book called "Romance of British Colonial Style," and she has Karen Blixen's home in it. Very cool! Love that look.