Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Better Pool

We have been getting the pool ready for the summer season.
 My pool is 25 years old and still lovely.

It has been so much fun and I really, really love it!

Summer fun

And now it heathly, because of  this change

Now that the pool is open.
I need your help!!!
Should I buy this swim suit?
Do you like this one better?
I wish you  fun and sunshine today !



  1. The second suit is my fav, but... If you have a pool of your own, you probably spend a lot of time in and around it, so why not buy both?

  2. Thanks for visiting and the oh so sweet comments. Strangely you feel very familiar to me. So sister, I say the second one is the best and your pool is still wonderful. Ours is of the above the ground type and will soon go up but first things first and we had to get our garden in. That done, it has now turned cold in Louisiana! I just about had it, the weather changes faster than my hormones and whoa that's saying something. And your family is adorable! Happy week, Mollye

  3. Aren't pools fun....we are landscaping around ours....can't wait to open it.
    I love both suits, get the one you feel most comfortable in...
    Your pool is very pretty!!!

  4. Hi Dottie. Your pool looks very inviting. Thanks for coming by, it's always nice to meet other Texas bloggers!

  5. Hi Dottie! Your pool is a step ahead of mine, I'm heading out this morning to vacuum it!! I like both suits, probably the first better, but they are SO similar!! Either way, I love knowing that other women are out there in grown-up suits as well! Thanks for stopping by my blog. It is nice to get to meet you.
    Linda in GA