Thursday, September 30, 2010

Indian Summer

Can this really be happening !
 Here on the lower Texas Gulf Coast we are experiencing an Indian Summer !
It is so lovely .
I wish this would happen every year . I am not going to count on that ,
I am just going to enjoy every moment .

I am so in love with the soft glow of the sun in the early morning and late afternoon as
it fills my living room and kitchen with golden light ..

Twilight has never been more beautiful
or the moon !!

Everyday I hide in my heart the small things that gave me joy
and I think on those things in the quiet times .

Addie  in her new garden dress
the golden afternoon sunlight
in the garden
candy corn and salted peanuts mixed together taste like a Pay Day candy bar
a trip to Round Top

I think I have always been a small moments person .

Are you one too ?


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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blog Award

Today my sweet friend Deborah at  With all my heart...gave me this award .

I always feel blessed when I visit her . Her light shines brightly for Jesus .

Thank You !

These awards are a great way to show others that you are interested in what they have to contribute to the blogosphere, and showcase some of the people you follow .
The rules for winning this award are as follows:

* Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award .

* Share 7 things about yourself .

* Pass the award along to 15 other bloggers who you recently discovered and think are fabulous .

* Contact the bloggers you chose and let them know about the award .

7 things about me :

I grew up on a farm .

I am the oldest of nine children .

I live a quiet and simple live . 
I taught fourth grade for over twenty years .

I am in love with twilight,the moon and the stars .

 I have a vegetable garden and chickens .

I am a child of God .

I am going to pass this award to all of my blog friends. You are all so very special to me . I thank you so much for all the kind comments, words of encouragement and  prayers .

 You are amazing !!!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I feel as if I am standing still and time is
spinning around and around me ! It seems like the older I get
the faster time passes .
I was looking over my summer to do list
 there are so many projects I have started and did not finish .
Now that I have admitted it to myself and to you it seems
somewhat easier to begin working on them again !

I have finished painting my bedroom smoky plum, made drapes from vintage sheets a friend gave me from France and layered my bed with white linens . It is almost ready to show you !

I have painted the wine rack that I found on the curb early one morning .
I just need to finish the chalk board I want to hang above it !

 I have been wanting to go to France for as long as I can remember
I have just not gone .
It is time I make that happen !

Since the things I wanted to show you are not finished
I will show you some that are !

fall on my sideboard
a chocolate cake made of silk flowers and potpourri on the tea cart
all of the  kitchen cabinets organized
the beginning of my fall table settings
 watching the moon as much as possible in this lifetime

I don't like not finishing what I have started
I have been busy teaching my grandbabies to say polite words, walking on the beach at sunset,
feeding chickens, learning to make pickles and stargazing .

Have you been busy doing what is really important to you also ?


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Thursday, September 16, 2010

So Pretty

I am so in love with our weather right now !
The last few days and nights have been lovely,
beautiful,golden and shiny.

Oh My Goodness!!!!

I noticed a subtle shift of light from
summer bright to autumn demure this week . 
It's my favorite (absolute) atmospheric experience .
It looks like everything outside has been touched with a golden shiny light .
Here on the Texas Gulf Coast we usually do not have seasons .
It is hot one day and over night the weather becomes cold and rainy
not this year!

 The  garden is awake again . The zinnias and morning glories are blooming .
I harvested 15 eggplants from just one plant
Rose and Rouge are laying an egg each every day .
I have never had so many visiting hummingbirds .

The light is so heavenly streaming though my kitchen windows .
It is a joy !

Last night right after twilight I saw two very large and dark bats .  It was  both scary and wonderful
at the same time !

I wish you could come and stroll in my garden tonight with me .
The night blooming jasmine is filling the entire garden with its sweet fragrance
I promise the moon will be beautiful .

hanging over my kitchen window
eggplant and peppers
zinnias.morning glories.basil
night blooming jasmine



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Friday, September 10, 2010

Smiles and Hugs

I have turned my moments of smiles and hugs this week 
into heartstrings
to treasure in the quiet times of my life.


Cucumbers made into homemade pickles turned into smiles
as a
 summer garden in a jar.

A birthday celebration for a princess
turned into the very best kind of a

Deviled eggs made from the eggs of two french chicks, Rose and Rouge
a dozen smiles!

An evening movie and dinner shared with a sweet friend
is a warm hug!

A homecoming with a brother and his lovely wife
is a very special  kind
smile and hug!

The last few rainy days and quiet nights
full of sweet rest became gentle hugs
wrapped around my heart!

In the quiet times my heart feels the ribbons that tie all these
moments of smiles and hugs together as heartstrings.

Life is so good!


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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Monday, September 6, 2010

It's Hard To Say Goodbye To Summer

I am a southern summer girl . I love everything about summer
the lazy days, the foods, the sound ,the smells
and even the heat!
I hate to be cold! I really do!

I am not a winter person and it is already September .
Fall is the first step towards winter . So I know winter is coming
I hate it so!!!
 I have been thinking about fall and some simple pleasures to keep me contented in the coming season .

teatime in the afternoon
candles at twilight
oil lamps lit in the evenings
aprons on a hook
soup simmering on the stove
blue willow ware,old silver and cream ware
late tomatoes in the garden
apple butter
cozy in my smokey plum bedroom
herbs in the window sills
staying home
watching for the return of the geese
old and new books
wearing long skirts
enjoying the cold and clear sky
listening to new to me music

I know I will enjoy this slower,darker and quieter season
 I will miss these things so much .

flip flops and capri jeans
fun in the pool
lunch on the patio
summer flowers
moon flowers opening in the moon light
butterfly days
warm lazy days

I would like to say I am looking forward to fall
but I am not!
I am reluctantly accepting it !

What will you miss about summer or will you miss it ?

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